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French Immersion

Mamou Elementary opened its French Immersion Program in August of 2016.


Students in the program learn French in an immersion setting from Kindergarten to 4th grade. Through the years they make tremendous progress that bring them to being fluent in French in conversation, reading and writing.


French Immersion students follow the same curricula as students in the regular program, with the only difference being French is the language of instruction.


French Immersion is a fun and natural way to learn French. It connects our students to their culture and to the world.


Mamou Elementary is a state certified school and we partner with CODOFIL to host international and domestic teachers to offer the best French Immersion learning opportunities to our students.

If you are interested in enrolling your kindergarten or first grade student in the French Immersion program, please stop by our office and fill out an application.



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2nd Grade:




3rd Grade:


Comprehension de lecture:





4th Grade:



ELA Kindergarten – 2nd Grade:




3rd & 4th Grade:





French Immersion Handbooks: